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Trying a different step-up circuit to see if a small high current transformer can be used as a power supply for Nixie tubes.

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Last time I tried connecting it to the NixieDCDC voltage boost circuit, but it didn't boost the voltage properly, so I tried a different circuit.

You can read more about the previous experiment here.

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XL6009DCDC converter module


This time I will be modifying a boost type DCDC converter module with XL6009, which can be purchased inexpensively on Amazon and other sites.

The XL6009 is a high-current DCDC converter IC that can switch up to 4A. The transformer in this project can withstand up to about 3A, so it might be just right.



Replace the setting resistor so that the voltage boost is around 170V. Also, replace the diodes and capacitors in the output stage with the high voltage ones used in the NIxieDCDC circuit.

I will use hot air to remove the components.

It is very easy to remove surface mount components that cannot be removed with a soldering iron. This tool is recommended for those who are modifying circuits.

Almost all the parts were replaced, and the only parts that were not replaced were the capacitors in the input stage and the ICs.

I tried to turn it on, but...

I'll try to power it with a current-limiting regulated power supply DPS605U, setting 1A to be the maximum, so that it won't over-current if it does.

For more information about the stabilized power supply DPS605U, please refer to here.

When I turned on the power, it flowed all the way up to the 1A limit. Moreover, the output voltage of the DCDC converter is not boosted at all, but only the same voltage as the supplied value.

The fact that the voltage is not boosted in spite of the large current flowing through it means that it is not working properly. I looked at the waveform of the coil with an oscilloscope, and it seems that the energy from the primary side is not being transferred to the secondary side properly, or is not being accumulated as magnetic energy during switching. The inductor is almost in a short circuit state.

It's a good thing that the stabilized power supply has a current limiting function. Otherwise, the DCDC converter would have burned out due to high current flow.

I can't seem to get it to work

Let's start over from the beginning. I removed just the coil from the module before modification and used this transformer as a coil to see if I could boost the voltage. As I expected, the current flowed more than 1A and the voltage was not boosted at all. When I used the secondary side of the transformer as a coil, the voltage multiplier circuit worked properly.

This may mean that the inductance of the primary side is extremely small and it is almost short-circuited.

So, I could not use this small transformer well. I would like to find a different transformer to experiment with again.

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