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The LCD panel of the iPhone broke, so I replace it by myself.

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The LCD panel of Iphone can be repaired at a cost of about 20US$ if you replace it by yourself. So I tried to replace it by myself.

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Buying an LCD panel

I used to buy and repair LCDs with recycled panels at a Tokyo Mobile Station store, but that store has since closed. I had no choice but to buy a refurbished panel from another place. Click here for more information about refurbished panels and previous repairs.

A set of refurbished LCD panel and tools costs about 2000 yen.

I referred to a website called Disassembly Studio for the replacement method.

The length of the screws is also written on the site, which is very helpful.

Starting the repair

The suction cup won't stick

This is where I had the most trouble. The LCD panel is removed by attaching suction cups and pulling it off, but if the LCD is cracked, the suction cups won't stick and I can't pull it off at all.

So, I put a wide transparent tape on the LCD panel.

The tape makes it difficult for air to enter the suction cup through the cracks in the glass, so the suction cup sticks firmly.

By doing this, the LCD was finally pulled up and the LCD panel was finally removed.

Porting the components

In the past, I bought a panel with in-camera and speaker modules pre-installed, so I didn't need to do any transplanting, but this time I bought only the panel, so I had to transplant all the parts from the broken panel. There are screws of various lengths, so you need to be careful not to make mistakes. All the parts are small and delicate, so it took me quite a while.

Temporary assembly

Before completely putting it back together, I checked if the LCD was working, the in-camera was working, the speaker was making sound, and the home button was working. The apple mark appeared without a hitch and the LCD was working properly. The other functions were also normal. Thank goodness.

Closing the LCD

Since all the functions were normal, I closed the LCD and tightened the screws.

Repair completed

The painful LCD panel was repaired to a clean LCD with no cracks. It took about two hours.

Finally, a protective sheet was applied to complete the repair.

I like the fact that parts for repairing the iPhone are sold quite well, and I can repair it cheaply on my own. I think I'm going to replace the battery as well, since the battery hasn't been good lately.

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