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The 3rd Try My Luck at Buying Unlabeled Junk Famicom Cassettes at a Recycle Shop

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This is a section where I buy unlabeled cassettes from the junk Famicom cassette section of Hard Off and try to play them.

This time, I found a purple cassette and an orange cassette, and bought them.

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Famicom with video output

The Famicom has been converted to video output using FCAV, a kit that allows you to easily convert your Famicom to video output. The FCAV is a kit that allows you to easily convert your Famicom to video output. Click here for more information on how to modify it.

Also, since I don't have a TV at home since I sold it at a hard-off store, I use a USB capture device to display it on my computer.

Purple cassette

Now the first one, the purple cassette.

The purple cassette was tennis. I was hoping it would be Spartan X, but my wish did not come true.

Orange cassette

There are so many orange Famicom cassettes that I have no idea what they are. What could it be?

Oh, wow! It's Super Mario. This makes me happy.

I was able to get a rather nostalgic game for 110 yen!

It was a winner again!

This time, the cassette was Tennis and Super Mario Bros.

Modify kit the Japan Nintendo Famicom to video output | eBay
It corresponds to the Famicom of theearly model and the Famicom of thelate model. In addition, Famicom's unique vertical stripe noise is also reduced, allowing...


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