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Record the sound source of the actual Nintendo Famicom in stereo [MOTHER]

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MOTHER spoiler alert?

Hi, I'm kohanii.

This site sells a kit to turn your Nintendo Famicom into a pseudo-stereo system.

This pseudo-stereo takes advantage of the fact that the Nintendo Famicom audio is output from two separate pins on 2A03.
Image from NesDev

AUX A outputs two pulse channels, and AUX B outputs triangle, noise, and DPCM.

Originally, these two were mixed to mono (R5, R4) and output through a cassette.(Details from the schematic link above).
In this kit, the two are mixed well on the left and right to create pseudo-stereo.

So, to find out how it works, I recorded the AUX A and B outputs.

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System Requirements


The System Requirements looks like this.

I modified the kit mentioned above to have AUX B on the left and AUX A on the right for stereo output.

I used a ZOOM U-44 to record at 96KHz 24bit.

I have not advanced MOTHER that far, so I recorded as much background music as I could.

Try to listen

The audio is MP3 with the highest possible quality. (48KHz approx. 290Kbps)
FLAC (96KHz 16bit) with lossless compression is also scheduled to be released.

The image is from this kit.




MOTHER サンクスギビング

Bein' Friends

MOTHER サンクスギビング

department store(Shop)




School/Tinkle Elementary School

MOTHER ティンクル小学校

Basement (Cave)

MOTHER ホームのの地下室

Fighting the big guy(Battle 3)

MOTHER おにいさんとの戦闘

Battle with the Eagle(Battle 2)

MOTHER イーグル 2体との戦闘

Battle with the Crows(Battle 1)

MOTHER カラスとの戦闘

Game over

MOTHER ゲームオーバー

Defeat the big guy(Victory)


MOTHER おにいさんとの戦闘



I used corrscope to display the oscilloscope.

The end

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