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I made a speaker enclosure with the CO2 laser cutter Etcher Laser Pro

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The enclosure is the box that the speaker is in, the speaker box.

Since I bought a speaker before, I would like to make an enclosure for this speaker by cutting MDF board with a laser cutter.

Designing with Illustrator

The first step is to draw a blueprint in Illustrator. It's difficult to think of this developed figure.

I loaded the SVG file into Blender and checked if I could assemble it. It seems to be okay.

Cut with laser cutter

Since it is 4mm MDF, it cuts at 100% power and 600mm/min speed.

The cut was completed in about 6 minutes.

After a clean cut, the board was lifted and the cut parts were removed and left on the platform.

Tentative assembly

I was able to cut out exactly the same parts as the data I created in Illustrator.

I tentatively assembled it. It can be assembled perfectly. The burnt look is cute.


The speakers were screwed together and glued with assembly wood glue.

The speaker was completed with a laser cutter and MDF board. What will it sound like?

I'm looking forward to it.

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