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Cut parameters of veneers with the CO2 laser cutter Etcher Laser Pro.

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In this article, I would like to investigate the parameters (conditions) for cutting veneer boards with EtcherLaserPro.

We cut veneer boards, which have decorative panels on both the front and back sides for a beautiful appearance. I couldn't get a clean veneer for the 2.5 mm thick one, so I prepared a veneer with a decorative board on one side. A beautiful 3mm veneer is available at a nearby DIY store, but they only sell the 90x180cm size there, which is too big, so I gave up.

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Veneer 2.5mm thick with one side clean

As a test, let's cut the nameplate of kohacraft.com.

I was able to cut it just barely at 1100mm/min, and cleanly enough to pull it off easily at 1000mm/min.

Veneer 4mm with clean both sides

A 4mm thick veneer with clean sides seems to be very easy to cut. I was able to cut just barely at 1200mm/min, and cleanly at 1000mm/min.It looks the same as a 2.5mm thick veneer with one clean side.

Veneers 5.5mm thick with clean sides

This is not easy to cut.

I was finally able to cut it at 200mm/min. In the case of 2-pass, 500mm/min was enough to cut successfully. However, in the case of two passes, the surface turned browner than in the case of one pass.

The 5.5 mm thickness takes time to cut, so the cut surface is blackened. The veneer, which is 4mm thick and clean on both sides, has a beautiful brown cut surface. The veneer, which is 2.5mm thick and rough on both sides, has a dark brown color.


Power: 100%
Veneer with one side clean 2.5mm: 1000mm/min
Veneer with clean both sides 4mm: 1000mm/min
Veneer with clean both sides 5.5mm: 200mm/min

This was the result. Veneer 4mm, with its beautiful double-sided surface, is an easy material to cut and has a clean cutting surface.

The above is a survey (condition finding) of the cutting parameters of veneer boards.

Here are the cutting parameters for MDF that I looked up earlier.

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