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How to use the GPS-equipped e-paper clock.

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Apply power

Prepare a USB charger at home or a USB charger sold at a 100 yen store. Plug the USB connector into the USB charger.

Do this near a window so that GPS can be received.

The current time will be displayed in about 20 seconds at the earliest. If the current time is not displayed, try waiting near a window for about 10 minutes. If that doesn't work, try unplugging the USB and waiting for about 10 seconds, then plug it back in and wait a while.

If it could display the current time, it would work perfectly. You can use it to decorate wherever you like.

Change Time Zone

This clock allows you to specify the time difference. Click here for instructions on how to specify.

You can specify not only the hour but also the minute, so for example, you can use it to advance the clock by 5 minutes.

Changing the dial

The fonts are loaded from the built-in SD card. Therefore, by changing the image data in the SD card, you can change the dial to your liking.

Open the back cover

Remove the screws on the back.

Push the SD card in the upper left corner.

The SD card can be removed by pushing.

rewrite data

In the font folder of the SD card, you will find a BMP file with the numbers.

Replace this image with a font of your choice in Photoshop or other drawing software.

You can also use a scanned or photographed copy of your child's letters. Save the file as BMP. If possible, Black and white binary BMP is better because of its smaller size, but if you don't know, normal BMP is fine.

Grayscale and color images will be dithered (a combination of black and white dots) when displayed on e-paper.

The numeric BMP has a resolution of 150x300 dots and the colon BMP has a resolution of 75x300 dots.

put back

When you have finished overwriting the data in the font folder, put the SD card back in its original slot.

Close the back cover and connect the USB connector to the USB charger. If the font has changed, you have succeeded.

If there is no change, make sure that the SD card is inserted correctly. Alternatively, check on your computer to see if the images can be read correctly from the SD card.

By the way, the original font data is here, so if you want to revert to the original, please use it.
I've also put the font my son wrote in here for reference. Please feel free to use it.
If you start the program without inserting the SD card, there will be no problem in operation because the fonts built into the microcontroller (the same as the original fonts) will be used.
The e-paper watch with GPS is now available here.
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