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How to set the time zone of the GPS-equipped e-paper clock

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Learn how to set the time zone for your GPS-equipped e-paper clock. You will need a smartphone to set this up.

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Apply power

After the power is turned on, the time zone can be set for 5 minutes only. So, once the USB is unplugged from the USB charger, plug it in again and turn the power back on.

Connect to WiFi

For iphone

Tap the gear symbol "Settings" -> "Wi-Fi".

You will find "GPS Clock TimezoneSetting" in the WiFi access point.

Tap "GPS Clock TimezoneSetting".

If "GPS Clock TimezoneSetting" does not appear, try turning Wi-Fi off and then back on again.

For Android

Tap "Settings" on the gear symbol -> "Network & Internet".

You will find an access point for "GPS Clock TimezoneSettimg".

Tap the "GPS Clock TimezoneSettimg" access point to connect.

Setting the time zone

When the smartphone is connected to the clock, the time zone setting screen will automatically appear.

Now, set the time zone for your region and tap "SET".

In Japan, it is "+9:00".

For example, if you want to advance the clock by 5 minutes, you can set it as "+9:05". This will also allow you to display the time 5 minutes ahead.

Settings completed

If the correct time is displayed, the setting is complete. If the time is not correct, try setting it again. After 5 minutes of power-on, the setting function will automatically turn off and go to normal mode where setting is not possible.

The time zone setting is stored inside the clock and will be retained even if the power is turned off. When the power is turned on again, the stored term zone will be read out and the correct time will be displayed.

This completes the setting of the time zone for the GPS-equipped e-paper clock.

By the way, I saw the font on the clock as the numbers that my son used to write when he was in the lower grades of elementary school. Why don't you try your hand at making your own dial?

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