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I made a 7-segment LED on a 3D printer. This is a great way to make an original one!

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I wanted to make a 7-segment LED with a 3D printer.

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Model the resin part of a 7 segment LED in Blender. I modeled the 7-segment part and the LED, respectively, and subtracted the LED from the 7-segment part.

Slice with Cura. It's small and seems to take about 30 minutes to print.

I use the Anycubic I3 Mega for my 3D printer.

It's cheap, but it prints very nicely.

Printing completed

From the front, it has a faintly 7-segment vibe.

Plug in the LED from behind.

I made it glow

This is what it looks like when we shine each segment. The original 7-segment LED was made.

Now we know that we can make LEDs for many different designs of segments, not just 7-segment LEDs. Now, what kind of original segment of LEDs shall I make?

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