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How to make an alarm clock-like nixie tube clock(4/4) WiFi Settings

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In this article, you can learn how to make this 👇👇👇 product here.

The alarm clock-like Nixie Tube Clock has a built-in GPS to display the exact time. It can also connect to the Internet and retrieve and display the exact time from the NTP server.

With GPS, it can take up to 30 minutes for the time to be displayed after the watch is turned on. In contrast, when retrieving from the Internet, the exact time is displayed the moment the power is turned on and connected to the wireless LAN.

For this reason, if you have a watch in an environment where you can't receive GPS, or if you want the clock to display the time as soon as it's turned on, a WiFi setup is recommended.

If it has been about an hour since the GPS was received and there is a short power outage, the clock built into the GPS will continue to operate due to the built-in backup battery, even if only the GPS is used. Therefore, the time is displayed immediately after the power failure is resolved.
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Needed for the work

●Wireless LAN access points
However, it only supports 2.4 GHz. 5GHz is not supported.


How to set up WiFi

Connect USB

Connect the USB to the USB charger to supply electricity. If it's already connected to a USB charger, unplug it and reconnect it.

WiFi settings can only be set up for the first five minutes after it is turned on. At this point, the display part of the clock's pendulum will appear to flow from left to right.

Connect to the clock with your phone

Use your smartphone to connect to the "NixieClock" access point. The password will be "12345678".

For iPhone

Tap "Settings" on the gear symbol > "Wi-Fi" to display "NixieClock". Tap "NixieClock" and enter "12345678" as the password.

If "NixieClock" doesn't appear, please turn off the Wi-Fi and then turn it back on.

For Android

Tap "Settings" on the gear symbol> "Network & Internet".

Tap "NixieClock". Enter the password "12345678" and you will be connected.


When your smartphone is connected to the clock, the settings screen will appear. Tap "Access Point Settings".

Tap the wireless access point in your home. Enter the access point password in the Password field. Tap "Save Settings" to finish setting up.

Settings completed

If the time is displayed and the pendulum (dot) below the number swings to the right or left, the setting is complete. If you don't see the time, try again from the beginning.

Wireless LAN settings are stored in the clock and are retained even when the power is turned off. Once the power is turned on again, it will automatically reconnect to the stored wireless LAN and display the time.

That's all you have to do to make an alarm clock-style nixie tube clock. Thank you for your time.

Making Nixie Tube Clocks Like an Alarm Clock Table of Contents
1. Soldering of Nixie-Tube Board
2. Soldering and Assembly of Main Board
3. Modification of an alarm clock
4. WiFi Settings

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