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Make a stand to stand the Nintendo switch with a 3D printer

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On the back of the Nintendo Switch, there is a small stand that allows you to stand the switch up and play with it. However, it would often come off, so it loosened up and became easier and easier to come off.

This stand used to stop tightly at first, but now it is loose and comes off easily when there is vibration during the game.

So I would like to use a 3D printer to make a stand for the Nintendo Switch.

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From design to printing

In Blender, model the shape of the stand. It took me quite a while this time.

A software called Cura converts the data into data for the 3D printer. It takes a long time to print, so I set the infill setting to 15% and scaled down the internal density to reduce the printing time.

Printing was completed successfully in about two hours.


Here is the completed stand for the Nintendo Switch. The table underneath is a mini table that I made with the laser cutter before.

It's quite nice, isn't it? Now let's put the Nintendo Switch on it.

It's nice.

It's a nice angle.

A 3D printer has created a Nintendo switch stand with just the right angle. This will prevent the stand from coming off and knocking the Nintendo Switch over while playing.

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