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VFD display tube IV-6 and MM5316N clock in alarm clock style

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The VFD clock I made the other day was built into an alarm clock to make it look like an alarm clock.

The previous article is here.

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Remove each module from the breadboard and solder it to the circular board.

This is the front side.

This is the back of the board, with the USB connector to supply power via USB.


Paint the board in matte black. This will make the display tube stand out more. First, use masking tape to mask off the display tube and connectors.

Spray paint.

Painting is complete.

Built in alarm clock

Disassemble the alarm clock.

Attach the ripple board to the inside.

Put the board inside.

Put the back cover on.


The alarm clock-like VFD clock is now complete!

Here's the USB connection. It's nice.

The VFD tube looks 3D and cool.

The darker the light, the better the VFD looks.

I used the IV-6's VFD tube to make an alarm clock-like clock.

Next time, I'd like to use a different VFD display tube.

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