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PCBgogo has a fast job! The "Candle Panic" game board using the "glowing light sensor" is now complete!

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Create PCB with PCBgogo

I recently found that the candle panic game I made with the "glowing light sensor" worked fine on the breadboard, so I designed a board in KiCad and ordered a board from PCBgogo.

The PCB arrived in a flash

  • August 31, PCB ordering
  • September 1, PCB production start
  • September 3, PCB shipment
  • September 5, PCB received (Tokyo)

It took only 6 days from ordering to receiving the PCB.

After I placed my order, PCBgogo said in Japanese, "We expect to ship in 3 days.  Please contact us if you have any questions”. When I receive this email, I feel like I can easily make inquiries in Japanese, which makes me feel very secure.

What is the quality of the delivered PCB?

The board arrives wrapped in bubble wrap.

There is no misalignment of the resist, no deviation of silk printing, and no scraping, so it is manufactured beautifully.

Normally, due to manufacturing control, the serial number is printed somewhere on the PCB.  Where it gets printed depends on the operator of the manufacturer.  I don't like the serial number to be printed in a prominent place, but PCBgogo printed it in a very nice place.  It was printed inside the circle of the SP1 speaker.  When the speaker is soldered on, the serial number is just hidden from view. This kind of thoughtful service is great.

Assemble & PLAY!

There are a lot of diodes, but I was able to assemble it in about 30 minutes.

Turn on the power switch and the game will start.  It's quite difficult, but it turned out to be quite a fun game.

Improve the program with mbed kitty

I'm making the program in mbed environment with LPC1114 microcontroller, so I can improve the program by connecting mbed kitty.

The mbed kitty set, which can be played with the LPC1114 microcontroller, is available here.

Here is the finalized program.

"The Glowing Light Sensor" made for a fun game

We were able to play a fun game using a "glowing light sensor" that turns LEDs into LEDs & light sensors. This time it was quite a fun experiment.

Light the extinguishing candles! The "Candle Panic" game kit is available here.

The origins of the "Candle Panic" game experiment 👇

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