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Let's Go To The Sea With Your iPhone Waterproof

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For about 1,000 yen, you can turn your smartphone into a waterproof one.  In the past, I used to take a waterproof digital camera when I went to the beach or pool, but I decided to take my smartphone to the beach this time because the lens was getting cloudy.
Here's what I bought.
It was 999 yen at Amazon's Choice.  I was very worried that the water wouldn't really come in, but it's totally fine.

It's okay to get into the ocean with the kids and splash the water all you want.


If you're lucky, you'll be able to take underwater photos too.


It's not easy to get a good focus, so if you take a lot of pictures, you can sometimes get a decent one.
Even with the cover on, you can take a beautiful picture.


While you're in the ocean, you can keep the cover on all the time and still get a great photo. A 1000 yen cover turned my iPhone into an amphibious camera.
If there is water on the cover, the touch panel may malfunction, and it may be difficult to enter camera mode or the shutter may not release.
Since the shutter of the iPhone is released with the volume up / down button, I kept it in camera mode on the water, and when I wanted to take a picture, I pressed the volume button and took a picture.
By the way, this case is explained that it floats on water, but the buoyancy is so weak that even my iPhone6 sinks.


When playing in the sea, it's better to be careful not to fall out of your pocket.
I will continue to use this waterproof case for shooting the sea and pool.
It was good shopping.
The sea we went to this time is Tsumekizaki beach in Izu. The sea was crystal clear and very beautiful.
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