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I bought a 3D printer ANYCUBIC

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ANYCUBIC i3 Mega 3D printer. As I thought that finish would be very beautiful, I purchased it.

In Akihabara, we have seen various cheap 3D printers. However, the surface was not laminated properly and was uneven. It was necessary to rework the surface and fill it with putty. It was so poor that I didn't feel like buying it. Looking at the various reviews on the net, this printer can print pretty nicely. As it was approximately 40,000 yen, I bought.

The photo below is the first work that outputs the sample data attached to this printer. It is an owl about 5cm tall.


It is laminated pretty neatly. There are stacking marks, but they are stacked correctly and the back of the owl is also very smooth. I'm very happy that you can print so beautifully the first time without changing any settings.

2018.4.22 added
Printing has become more beautiful with simple parts. Absolutely recommended.

I asked my son to create data using Blender and tried printing it.


The thin walls are piled up neatly. The parameters are left as default. This is fun.

This printer is a semi-finished product and requires a little assembly. All you have to do is tighten the screws, connect the connectors and set the voltage. It is as the assembling video of ANYCUBIC official.

After assembling, adjust the height of the table. The manual is in English, but it was easy to do while looking at the pictures.

According to the manual, you should print an owl of sample data after setup. But according to the manual, it did not work. In the manual, the print button was pressed immediately, but before that, the filament had to be passed to the tip of the nozzle.

for that reason…

  1. Preheat
  2. Stab filament
  3. Print

These steps were required.



Heat the nozzle and table (bed). Unless the nozzle is heated, the filament will not pass beyond the nozzle.

The preheat is in [Tools].



Tap [Preheat].



Tap [Preheat PLA] on the left to set the target temperature of PLA. E0 Temp is the nozzle temperature and Bed Temp is the table temperature. The numbers indicate the current temperature / target temperature. When you tap [Preheat PLA], the target temperature of the nozzle temperature is set to 190 ° C and the temperature of the table is set to 50 ° C, and then heating starts. If you tap [Preheat PLA] again, it will reach 0 ° C and it will not be heated, so make sure it is 190 ° C.


The current temperature displayed on the left increases rapidly.


2.Stab filament

After the current temperature rises to 190 ° C, wait until the melted filament comes out from the tip of the nozzle, and stab the filament.


The part that protrudes from the tip of the nozzle is pinched with tweezers and removed. Preparation is now complete.




Tap [Print]


Tap "Owl_pair.gcode"

When the text turns red, tap [PRINT]. Printing will start after a while.


One and a half hours later, the owl is completed.

From next time, the filament has reached the tip of the nozzle, so you can press the print immediately.

3D printers are quite fun. What should I make? Oh, let's make an arm. (Past article: Can a doll's arm be restored with a 3D printer ?!

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