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How to set up Arduino IDE and Leonardo board

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This section introduces the setup method for Arduino to program a Leonardo-compatible microcontlloer board.

With this setting, you can enjoy the program of the milk pack microcontroller robot. Milk pack microcontroller robots are sold here.


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Arduino IDE setup

Arduino IDE download

Arduino - Home

Click [SOFTWARE]-> [DOWNLOAD] of the above arduino site.

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Click your OS from Download the Arduino IDE a little below

You can choose to donate and download, or donate to download. If you don't donate, click [JUST DOWNLOAD] on the left.

The installer will be downloaded.

Install Arduino IDE

Double-click the downloaded installer file to execute it.

For Mac

Will be expanded.

Put the expanded Arduino.app into the application.

For Windows

Click [Yes]

Click [I Agree]

Click [Next >]

Click [Install]

Click [Install]

When completed, click [Close] to complete the installation

Settings for Leonardo boards

Settings for Leonardo boards

On the Arduino IDE, make settings so that you can program on the Leonardo microcomputer board.

Start the Arduino by clicking the Arduino icon on the Launchpad for Mac or the desktop for Windows.

Change to Arduino Leonardo board.

Select [Tools]-> [Board: "Arduino / Genuino UNO">]-> [Arduino Leonardo].

USB settings

Connect microcontroller robot to PC via USB. The driver will be installed automatically because you have previously installed Arduino. When USB is connected, it is automatically recognized and a serial port is added.

Set the port to connect. Tools-> Serial Port.

For Mac, /dev/cu.usbmodemXXXXXXXX (X is a number)

Select COM X for Windows.

Arduino settings are complete. You can now compile and create the program.

By making the above settings, you can enjoy the milk pack microcomputer robot program. Milk pack microcontroller robots are sold here.



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