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Display a color bar by generating a video signal with Intel MAX V CPLD 5M160 nano

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5M160nano is an evaluation board equipped with 5M160 of Intel MAX V series CPLD.  This is a very convenient CPLD board that allows you to experiment by sticking into a breadboard.

Add a circuit to the outside

To generate the video signal,

  • 14.31818MHz clock
  • 8bit D/A with ladder resistance
  • Video amplifier

The above is added to the 5M160 nano board.

The USB Blaster (1-TB1) from Terasic is used for the writing machine.

There is also a cheap USB Blaster made in China,

However, installing this driver normally causes Windows to crash, so you need to do the following:

Create a program

I wrote a program to generate a color bar. I use about 60% of the size of the CPLD.

It's on the monitor!

It's not exactly NTSC, but it's roughly a video signal.

When I plugged the output of the video amplifier into the monitor, the color bar showed up!

It's interesting that NTSC is able to transmit images on a single wire.

You can buy the 5M160nano CPLD board here 👇👇👇👇 here.

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